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Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast

A podcast for making zero waste living as practical as possible.


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127 • Convenience + Reusables

Convenience is the king even in the reusables world. In today’s episode, I chat with the cofounder of the collapsible coffee cup company HUNU, Vince Dickson, all about convenience culture, design, and looking beyond the surface to the nuances of our environmental...

126 • Zero Waste Habits (I Actually Still Do)

In honour of earth month, here's a handful of zero waste habits I STILL do, even this far into my zero waste journey. They're the good ones that I could think of off the top of my head. ALSO, a condensed version of this week's episode will be up on YouTube so grab it...

125 • The Wellness Feed

There's too much bad news that floats to the top of our newsfeeds people! We need good news AND a way to be in touch with the world of sustainable champions. This Fashion Revolution Week // Earth Week, take a look at the Wellness Feed as well as my chat with Lindsay...

124 • Raising Helpful Tiny Humans

I usually don't enjoy parenting books and feel like either methods don't work or I'm a bad parent or something. But this week I finished reading Hunt, Gather, Parent by Michaeleen Doucleff and it was likeable and validated lots of things I want to be! Anyways, hear me...

123 • Zero Waste Takeout

How do we avoid leaving our homes in a lockdown, but also order take-out, but also stay as zero waste as possible? Suppli is a Toronto-based company that offers reusable takeout containers as part of your order that are washed, sanitized, and ready to be reused! I...

122 • Scrapcooking + Mediocre Gardening

You don't have to be perfect (I still think you're awesome), and this week's minisode is diving into mediocre gardening, and celebrating the small things like being average at stuff. Check out the links below to all the cool things I'm into this week, including my...

This Plastic Free July, the Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast is partnering with The Green Spectrum to offer Eco Bingo – a weekly game for the month of July that will get us thinking about a few of the many ways to reduce our impact on the planet. 
Follow the link for Rules, Bingo Cards to download and info about cool prizes!


Hi! My name is Elsbeth Callaghan and I am the producer of Practical(ly) Zero Waste, a podcast about making zero waste living as practical as possible. 


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