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From clothing swaps to renting your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to stop consuming fast fashion and reduce our impact on the planet. Sarah Thompson of Mon Coquelicot, a clothing shop for renting and consigning clothes, has tons of advice, ideas and inspiration for us today to share what we have, rewear what we own, and rent the rest. Sarah also has a heap of valuable resources for us throughout the episode, links are below! Sponsor my fundraiser for Labour Behind the Label Trust here: 

Sarah’s Website:


Ellen MacArthur Foundation – The Circular Economy

Sprout – Clothing Rental

Rent Frock Repeat

Rent the Runway

Ruckify – Rent Anything

Good On You App – Find out which fashion brands are doing good things

Labour Behind the Label Trust

Who Made My Clothes Campaign

Book – The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline

+++ more:

Stella McCartney

Fibre Shed

Fab Cycle 

Thread Up

Upcycled Cloth Collective 

Christy Don


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