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Welcome to Practical(ly) Zero Waste, a podcast for making zero waste living as practical as possible. I’m your host Elsbeth Callaghan, a regular human being faced with the same problems as everyone: the planet is heating up, oceans and landfills are filled with unnecessary waste, most of our products come in single use packaging, we’re running out of time and I’m just one person. Just. one. person. Can I make a difference?

Well yeah… So grab that first episode of the podcast 001 • Mindfulness and let’s begin. Let’s start opening our eyes to the issues before us and then evaluate, what am I doing that’s harming the planet? What can I do differently?

That’s about where I started. With a list of changes I needed to make, I began exploring the ways I could make those changes as practical as possible. Because let’s face it. If it’s not a practical change, if a zero waste lifestyle isn’t as convenient as the single-use alternative, it will be that much harder to make the change and stick to it.

The Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast is here to help everyone make those practical changes on a daily basis, which will add up to make an immense difference. We are all making an impact here on the earth, let’s make it a positive one!