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1. Follow @PracticallyZeroWastePod and @TheGreenSpectrum on Instagram
2. Screenshot or download one of the official Eco Bingo boards below! 
3. Complete Bingo each week (5 across or 4 down or 4 diagonal) by sharing your accomplishments on your Instagram feed or stories and tagging @PracticallyZeroWastePod!
4. Submit your board on IG stories or feed each Friday by 11:59pm EST with your completed squares marked for your chance to be entered in that week’s Giveaway! You must tag @PracticallyZeroWastePod and use the hashtag #EcoBingo
Please Note: If your Instagram account is private, you must send @PracticallyZeroWastePod a Direct Message with your submissions.
Submission Dates
July 10th
July 17th
July 24th
July 31st
5. A winner will be announced each Sunday during the month of July
BONUS POINTS: We’ll share our favourite photos each week. 
Giveaway is available to participants throughout the world! Giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram.
The contest period will run from 7/1/2020 to 8/1/2020 at 11:59pm EST
The organizer reserves the right to revise the Contest Period at any time.

Prize Information:

When you have entered your Bingo Card you will be entered into a draw for the week that you have entered. The draws will take place on the Sunday of each playing period. The winner will be contacted in the same way that the winning Bingo Card was submitted.

If you have won, you will have the option to receive or pay forward a gift card to one of the following online shops that have been featured on this podcast!

Sustain Eco Store, 067 • A Zero Waste Pep Talk
bare market, 027 • Bare Market
Hippie Haven Shop, 079 • Stay-At-Home Activism
Unwrapped Kawartha 064 • How to Start a Zero Waste Shop

Eco Bingo Cards!

If using a desktop:

Right-click the image to save, or open in a new window then save. 
Digitally mark the line you have completed or list the eco acts you have completed in an email or message. If you’ll be sharing your Bingo Card online remember to tag @PracticallyZeroWastePod and use the hashtag #ecobingo.

If using a mobile device:

Screen shot or save the Bingo Card. Digitally mark up the row you have completed or list the acts you have completed in an email or message.
If using Instagram, screen shot or download the Instagram stories version of the Bingo Card. Digitally mark up the card for the acts you completed. Remember to tag @PracticallyZeroWastePod and use the hashtag #ecobingo.


Get in touch via our contact page, send a message to @PracticallyZeroWastePod on Instagram. 

Below are the various Bingo Card options in alphabetical order, with a bit more detail. Good luck!