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Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast

A podcast for making zero waste living as practical as possible.

This Plastic Free July, the Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast is partnering with The Green Spectrum to offer Eco Bingo – a weekly game for the month of July that will get us thinking about a few of the many ways to reduce our impact on the planet. 
Follow the link for Rules, Bingo Cards to download and info about cool prizes!


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073 • More Plants, Less Waste

Head to your kitchen, crank up the music, and get ready to cook amazing vegan meals while creating zero waste! Be that the packaging food comes in, or the food that goes unused in our cupboards and fridges, today's interview with the Zero Waste Vegan Chef, Max La...

072 • Men’s Ethical Fashion

The fashion scene is changing, ethical and sustainable clothing is on the rise, and Eco-Stylist is making things simple for sourcing ethical clothing for men too. In today's chat with Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist, an online marketplace for sustainably and ethically...

071 • Forest Schools

How many people can say they went to kindergarten in the woods? Well forest and nature schools are on the rise and their philosophies can definitely be integrated into public school curriculums. In today's chat with Sabrina Hale of Hardwood Nature School in...

070 • Zero Waste Arts + Crafts

Glue sticks, pompoms, pipe cleaners, glitter, all of the things I think of first when I think arts and crafts, but it doesn't have to be this way! Get ready for a whole new approach to craft time with the kiddos (or a good ol' crafternoon as an adult!) on this week's...

069 • Raising Eco Kids

Zero waste living and saving the planet is not just for the here and now (though we have to ACT NOW in order for there to be a future), it's also about raising up a generation that cares for the planet, that create a society that respects the earth and all humankind,...

068 • Essential Oils 101

If you've heard about essential oils but aren't sure where to start or how to use them, listen up! Jasmine from Nourishmint Kitchen chats with us this week all about the benefits of swapping out synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals for natural essential oils...


Hi! My name is Elsbeth Callaghan and I am the producer of Practical(ly) Zero Waste, a podcast about making zero waste living as practical as possible. 


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