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Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast

A podcast for making zero waste living as practical as possible.

This Plastic Free July, the Practical(ly) Zero Waste Podcast is partnering with The Green Spectrum to offer Eco Bingo – a weekly game for the month of July that will get us thinking about a few of the many ways to reduce our impact on the planet. 
Follow the link for Rules, Bingo Cards to download and info about cool prizes!


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062 • An Eco Year in Review

Wrapping things up for 2019 with Theresa Godin as we chat the rise in popularity of the climate strikes and zero waste living in the news, plus all of our goals and plans for the new year! Bring on 2020! No Such Thing As Bad Weather:...

061 • A Green Christmas

Real tree or fake? Reuse gift wrap or upcycle some newspaper? Buy secondhand or give experiences? And can I really bring home the compost from my family Christmas?! Ideas, tips, and answers to all this and more in this week's conversation with Jessica Correa, founder...

060 • Natural Plant Dyes

An ancient and creative way to dye fabric from plant materials! Today I talk with Suzanne Vaillancourt about the beauty of making something from nothing, and getting creative with kitchen scraps to make beautifully dyed fabrics in your own kitchen! To order natural...

059 • Buy Nothing Day

Black Friday ain't got nothing on Buy Nothing Day, a day where we celebrate the little things like buying nothing, appreciating what we already own, making due with what we got, and sticking it to the consumeristic world we're livin' in. Sam MacAndrew from OPIRG...

058 • Mugshare

Looking for a way to reduce waste in your community? Start a mugshare program with local shops to eliminate the need for single use take out cups! In today's episode I chat with high school students Ria and Kaitlyn in Kingston Ontario about how to get a mugshare...

057 • Solar Powered Internet

What is the environmental impact of the internet? What even is the internet and how can it require energy and resources?! Today I chat with Jack Amend, CEO and Founder of Web Neutral Project, a sustainability certification company that helps websites to be carbon...


Hi! My name is Elsbeth Callaghan and I am the producer of Practical(ly) Zero Waste, a podcast about making zero waste living as practical as possible. 


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